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This is my new website, which I didn’t bother coming up with a clever name for. In lieu of a clever name, here’s the most embarrassing picture I can think of… A picture of me being knighted at Medieval Times, which my family lovingly “surprised” me with a couple years ago. (You can’t tell from the picture, but I was seething with rage in having to kneel in front of this old guy while surrounded by TONS of onlookers.)

As you are undoubtedly noticing, the first iteration of my site is on the free version of WordPress.com — I don’t care what you think about that! I quickly came to the realization that if I tried to create my own blog engine (like all the other cool kids do), I would never get anywhere. If this blogging fad sticks, perhaps I’ll try something fancier later on…

Now to brass tax! I have a few reasons for wanting to embark on this endeavor:

To Record My Learnings and Thoughts

In the past year I have started to learn iOS and Swift development and I wanted a place to record my progress and all the interesting things I discover on the journey. Realistically, I will probably just be complaining about things but I’ll start with altruistic motives for now…

To Participate in an Amazing Community

One of the things that struck me when I went to my very first WWDC this year is how awesome the Apple development community really is. Being a PC user and Xamarin developer prior to this new role, I didn’t know how these “Apple people” would react to me. I’m pleased to say that everyone I met was awesome! I’m really excited to get more involved — Hell I even started actually using Twitter now!

To Inspire Myself to Write More

I really do love writing when I get the chance. I figured if I committed to actually spending the time to create this blog, then I might actually be motivated to write on it! I initially plan on mostly writing about Swift, iOS, and mobile app development but I may occasionally go on some unrelated tangents — it’s my blog so deal with it!

That’s all I have for now. I was procrastinating on writing my first post as it would then become a “thing.” But as my good friend Samuel Jackson once said:


Did I mention that I would communicate completely using GIFs if it were socially acceptable?

2 thoughts on “Hello, Internet

    1. Haha! Can’t argue with PIE… or Front Page. I think this site would have a lot more street cred if I managed to get Front Page to output content even remotely close to this! But alas, I don’t hate my life enough to ever try Front Page again.


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